Never go without your favourite tea again. It take's only a few minutes to set up a Tea Subscription and have a regular tea order delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand. And what's better, by signing up for a subscription you get our premium teas at a special subscription price. 



 1 /  Choose your tea. First of all, peruse our range of blends and single origin teas and pick something to match your tastes. If you're not sure of your favourite yet, we suggest trying one of our Tea Samplers.

2 / Choose how much tea you'd like (you can select from 100 cup or 50 cup bags) and tell us where you would like us to send it.

3 / Find a comfy chair, grab your favourite mag and enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of tea.



1 / Each month you receive refill bags of your favourite tea to your front door. No last minute shopping dash! The 10% discount is pretty rad too.

2 / New subscribers get a glass storage jar, infuser and perfect cup of tea spoon with their first delivery.

3 / Your subscription continues until you let us know you would like to cancel it or out it on hold.